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No Leads Needed: Blows away Judgement Recov. Business Training
Wednesday, 12 January 2011
Judgement Recovery Leads, Business, Training?
Maybe you're on the hunt for leads for a judgement recovery business?
Judgement recovery business training courses. have become the hottest business opportunity.|Many give judgement recovery business courses and trainingreal thought nowadays..|Yep, judgement recovery business training courses appear great on the surface.|Judgement recovery business training courses seem to be a good choice.|Judgement recovery courses training to start a business. Sounds good.}


Unfortunately, the state of the economy is hurting judgement recovery attempts.


Lastly, the law is not ont he side of the debt collector. The states are enacting laws to make it impossible to collect. In essence, there's no money to gert ahold of and when there is you can't have it.


You do not want to jump on just anything. There are systems that work out there.
When you hear about the program, the lightbulb should go off for you. Identify situations where funds are available that the owner doesn't realize are there. The make a deal either with folks with debt against them, or with them.


Where debts exist against the money, use that judgement to make a claim for the funds. When there isn't a lien against the property, just deal directly with the legitimate owner.
I know. It sounds crazy, its so easy. Pinch yourself its real. You just have to know where monies are held that match this description.


The two most common and profitable types of this money is in overbids and in unclaimed estate inheritances. And the monies are in every court in every county in the US.
Excess proceeds, or overbids, result from foreclosure sales where the property sells for more than what is owed against the property. Its very common, and can result from both mortgage and tax sale foreclosure auctions.


Liens in place at the time of the foreclosure auction are entitled to this money unless they have expired. And if no debt against the money, the owner foreclosed upon can also be the rightful owner. However, judgement holders go out of business all of the time. So they don't know about the money they're entitled to. Same with mortgage holders. Ex owners are notified at their last known address. You guessed it, their foreclosure address.
The county clerk holds onto the money and then eventually sends it on to the state. And it never gets posted on the state's unclaimed money internet site.


Estate money has a similar situation. The court attempts to contact heirs at incorrect locations. Often the court also holds the estate money because the person entitled is a minor at the time it is created. A lot can happen while the person is growing up. They're in the wind all the time.


You don't have to worry about finder or locator laws because of the way the system works. This incredibly lucrative program can make you stupid money.
You must do this program instead of judgement recovery courses. It pays way better and is recession proof.
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Judgement Recovery Leads

Judgement Recovery Training


One person with a belief is equal to 99 who have only interests.
- John Stuart Mill


Posted by lester4combs at 7:46 PM EST
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